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Don't Drink Your Coffee Alone,
Don't Just Drink Your Coffee

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Do you want to meet new people while drinking your coffee at the same time? All you have to do is "Kaffen" t0 discover people near you!

What does the word "Kaffen" mean?
The word "Kaffen" is borrowed from the Arabic root kff, from the word kāffa(t) كافّة, which means "all, every". We derived our brand from this word because our aim with this app is to bring together all coffee enthusiasts.


How to Kaffen?
To Kaffen, simply touch the 'Kaffen’le' button on the app. After that, other users who want to Kaffen near your specified location are listed, and you can send a request to the user you want to have coffee with. By the way, don't forget to specify when sending a request: Do you want to treat for coffee, or do you want to be treated?

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